The Beautiful State of Ohio

The beautiful state of Ohio is packed to the brim with glorious outdoor sporting opportunities. Whether you’re looking to hunt some deer or catch some trout, your home for spectacular hunting and fishing can be found, gently nestled between Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania just off Lake Erie. Here are a few perfect hotspots for your hunting and fishing needs:


Conesville Coal Lands

Located in the Northeast of Ohio this 12,000 acre wildlife area is home to tons of delicious deer. Although you need a permit, they’re FREE and can be bought online.

WolfCreek Whitetails

For the aspiring hunter in all of us, WolfCreek Whitetails is a hunting business that offers a “semi-guided” hunt in a private area where the deer are plentiful and the opportunities are many.

Dillon Wilderness Area

If you’re looking for an area with less crowds and more solitude for you to connect with nature and savour the beauty of the hunt, Dillon Wilderness Area is right up your alley. While it is a popular area, its vastness allows hunters to find secluded areas where they can set up and take their time searching for a nice buck.


Lake Erie

Looking to fish some walleye? Well then you came to the right place. Accessible from numerous towns in Northern Ohio, Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes of North America and is absolutely teeming with all manner of delicious fish.

Alum Creek Lake

Located in central Ohio, Alum Creek Lake is Nirvana for Bass anglers. Easy to access from both the shoreline or from a boat, Alum Creek has a number of unique fish just waiting for your line, including the ever elusive and extremely rare Musky.

Clear Fork Reservoir

Located near Mansfield, North of Columbus, you can find multiple public access points where you can let your boat down into the lake. The shallow waters make this lake one of the best places to catch Bass in the entire state.

There are a few keys to remember when hunting anywhere, including Ohio. Firstly, you need to make sure you are always keeping track of the season dates. While they aren’t difficult to find online, you better be sure that whatever you’re using to hunt is in season and whatever you’re shooting at is the same, unless you want to risk catching a hefty fine. Secondly, be sure you get yourself the correct license for the area you’re in. This is easy enough to accomplish, and can be found online at In addition to a basic hunting license, you’ll need to make sure you purchase deer permits as well. But check first, because certain hunters may qualify for free permits. Double check you know where to hunt and what weapons are legal in that area and at that time, and then go off and really get in touch with nature.