Meet Chris Rose

Hi, my name is Chris Rose and I am the writer for Marshall Estates. We are writing this blog to show some of the great things in the area when buying and selling a house. Being an outdoor enthusiast we have a pure passion for outdoor recreation. This has a big impact of the real estate of certain areas as well. It is proven that the more fun, family things to do the better the economy is in a certain area.

Hunting, fishing, and hiking our just a sample of what fun can be had in the great outdoors. Growing up in Pensacola Florida we grew up fishing the great inshore and offshore waters in that area. We have had a lot of great write up and reviews about the great outdoors in Pensacola Florida.

Another great thing about Pensacola in the rasing economy in that area. With a new large Navy Federal facility in the area we are expanding a ton! The real estate market is absolutely nuts right now in 2019. With a booming economy and a lot more and more families wanting to move to Pensacola, it is been a great year to buy or sell a home. With that being said the majority of out blogs will be what great things there are to do in that area. Thanks and hope y’all enjoy our writings!